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Venture capital for private placements in the legal cannabis industry.


West Creek Investments is a boutique venture capital fund focused on generating wealth for accredited investors seeking exposure to the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry.  Launched in January of 2019, our inaugural fund provided access to a diverse portfolio of private placement deals through a strategy of mitigating risk through diversification. 

Today, West Creek is invested in 20 companies across two funds that span most aspects of the industry including cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, device hardware, consumer packaged goods, dispensary operations, data analytics, financial technology, ancillary products and media.

With an extensive network of industry connections and collaboration partners, West Creek is well positioned to provide our next round of investors with access to exclusive opportunities through Fund III as pace picks up toward the end of federal prohibition and the flood gates open for institutional capital.

We believe that our operational expertise and industry connections place us in a unique position to navigate a rapidly evolving landscape. 



We believe that cannabis legalization will become a defining economic theme of a generation, presenting time sensitive opportunities for informed investors to generate strong returns. Our investments are exclusively focused on the legal cannabis industry, and diversified across industry verticals, geographies, stage of growth, and anticipated time frame to liquidity. 


Unlike traditional venture capital funds, there are no management fees.  After invested capital is returned, West Creek Partners receive 20% of cash proceeds until an investor has achieved a 3x return on invested capital. Thereafter, West Creek Partners receive 30% of cash proceeds. West Creek Partners are also investors in Fund III; our capital sits shoulder to shoulder with yours.


West Creek's management team have a combined 40+ years of experience as operators leading financial, marketing and strategic functions across cannabis, CPG, tobacco and other highly-regulated industries. We have been investing in and operating businesses in the legal cannabis industry since 2018. Our vast network of trusted collaborators provides information and insights that differentiate us from other funds.



"The cannabis industry inherently has a high level of complexity for investors.  And in turn for the operators to find the right kind of capital.  West Creek Investments not only has a deep level of understanding of the markets, but they are exactly the type of accretive and supportive investor any operator or entrepreneur wants on their cap table and on their team."

George Jage, CEO & Co-Founder, Jage Media

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